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One Taekwondo teaches not only self-defense techniques, but also the value of cultivating a healthy mind, a competitive spirit, and perseverance. Our students develop strong teamwork and understanding through group training. One Taekwondo will work tirelessly to assess your child’s needs and care about them. As one of the premier Taekwondo schools in Australia, students have gone on to become Australian champions and international competitors in both sparring and Poomsae.

What classes we have on offer


The focus is on having fun. We strive to improve your child's various social, physical, and confidence, focus, and respect by incorporating fun-filled activities into Taekwondo instruction.

Primary classes

Values such as respect, discipline, and courtesy are rapidly fading today. The children interact with their teammates while participating in various martial arts activities. We also teach traditional and progressive self-defense techniques (punches, kicks, and grappling) to help children face threats with confidence.

High School classes

By the time a student reaches this class, she or he is quite skilled and may want to try out the new techniques. Students will be given opportunities to practise simple techniques in controlled environments as well as actively pursue their interest in sparring or Poomsae.

Family classes

This class is for children and their parents to train together in a relaxed environment. When parents train with their children, they can appreciate what their children are learning and actively participate in their development while also expanding their own knowledge.


We teach adult Taekwondo students basic or advanced techniques & help them improve their mental and physical strength through traditional and progressive self-defense techniques.


This invitational only squad for the student who has risen through the ranks showing the necessary skills and demenour to take them to the elite level and focus on state, national and internation compeition.


One Taekwondo club secures a new Korean high performance instructor

We’re thrilled to announce the arrival of Yoon Jung Kim, our accomplished new Taekwondo coach! With a 5th Dan Kukkiwon and a stellar record, her expertise promises to elevate your Taekwondo journey. Stay tuned for the arrival date post visa approval. At One, we’re dedicated to growth and excellence—get ready to embark on a new era of training!
  • Graduate of Yong In University (Taekwondo major on a 4 year scholarship)
  • 2nd place, National Outstanding Player Championships
  • 3rd, University Div. 2019 National Sports Championship
  • 2nd, Ministry for Women- hosted Championship
  • 3rd, 27th Ministry of Defence & National Selections
  • Numerous 1st place finishes at multiple high school championships

What you take away from the club

Our coaches are all experienced Taekwondo fighters in their own rights and are fully qualified as instructors

Although not being part of our ethos, we have medalled at every tournament we attend

You pay the set price and can you may attend as many sessions as you can handle.

Our Dojang is large, comfortable and spacious. Our class sizes are structured as to not overwhelm class sizes

Safety, fun and learning our number one goals when learning this sport.

The best equipment produces the best results


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